How To Save The Image To Your Computer

In Microsoft Explorer, First right click on the image of your chioce and then choose "Save Picture As....".  You should then get a window asking you for a place on your local computer to save the image to.  As you save it, keep the name of the image the same. 


Placing the Image Link on Your Site

To upload the image you saved on your local computer to your website, you will need to use of three things, FTP, Frontpage, or email it to your webmaster.  As you save the image file to your server, make sure it is located in the images directory.  If you do not have this directory, create one (or modify the html to you needs).  Once you have the image in place, you just simply need to include the html located below you image on this page to the webpage you are adding it too.  It should come up immediately.  Refresh the webpage if you need to.  Feel free to email us at if you have any questions.